Learn to Fly.

INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED, the third and final course in the Just TAP series, will complete your tap-toolbox with the final 'unlock' steps to open up a new world of tap dance possibility, helping to navigate these often-confusing levels, and pave the way for an exciting, confident and happy journey forward.

Created by award-winning teacher, performer and choreographer BILL SIMPSON, the self-paced course is crafted to challenge, excite and help each student achieve meaningful results, becoming a stronger, well-rounded tap dancer in both body and mind.

The course is currently OPEN for registrations.
For a limited time.

"Both a tool-kit and a Tap dancer's playground. "

- Jen, Australia

The course is packed with high-quality content, and is for BOTH:

Tap dancers looking to break out of the 'beginner bubble'.

Tap dancers of an Intermediate, Advanced or aspiring-Professional level looking to break-down and refine their technique, and reach a new realm of tap dance proficiency.


Build and refine your technique through the super-high-quality, easy-to-understand explanation videos that are the hallmark of the Just TAP series...


...then put your technique into action with an entire section dedicated to learning fun new drills, exercises and delicious combinations to music...


...all organized neatly in a brand new course management system, where students can control their own learning flow, keep track of progress and move between lessons in a straightforward, intuitive way.


"Worth the wait, and worth every penny. I'm a massive fan."

- Marcus, USA

"Worth the wait, and worth every penny. I'm a massive fan."

- Marcus, USA

Course Investment



One-Time Payment


Special launch pricing includes 12 Months LIFETIME access to all course materials + nifty BONUSES*.

The doors to Taptopia will open to new members in:

Bummer! Our application window has closed for now. But not to worry - we'll be opening our doors again in the next few months. JOIN THE WAITLIST and we'll let you know as soon as the next intake dates are confirmed. Feel this is a mistake? Contact us at the link at the bottom of the page.

Special One-Time Launch Offer:



Wednesday February 15 - Tuesday March 28, 2023


Work with Bill Simpson, the award-winning creator of the Just TAP series, to chart your own journey through the learning content, build confidence and consistency, while receiving personalized guidance and feedback and the support and accountability of a cohort of fellow students across the world.



One-Time Payment


~ Scholarships, payment plans & assistance available ~



"You won't get speed if you don't have technique, and Bill's courses provide the foundations of technique brilliantly."

- Phil, UK

Course FAQ

The course is comprehensive, covering a considerable range of material. It’s designed to be ingested gradually over time. Not all content will be necessary or required for all students. Any level from advanced-beginner through to advanced or aspiring-professional will find much within the course to keep them challenged well into the future.

Intermediate to Advanced continues straight on from where Course 2 (Advanced Beginners) left off, building upon our fundamental tap dance technique and exploding it outwards (and upwards!) into an exciting, infinite array of tap dance possibility.


Content includes:

  • Riffs: The fun (and speedy!) traveling steps to get you off the spot.
  • Jumping Steps: Pullbacks (aka ‘Graboffs’), Maxie-Fords, Ripples, Wings and beyond (+ the fundamental step that links them all together).
  • Deep-dives into crucial tap dance principles: Musicality, Weight Placement, Relaxation and Speed.
  • The ‘Crazy Stuff’: The intricate, challenging & highly-impressive steps to keep you busy long after you finish the course (including the ‘Double Heel Brush’ and the elusive ‘Super Shuffle’).
  • AND…an entire section of drills, exercises and combinations to put the technique into action and find flow.

Beyond technique…



The course contains everything required to embrace a next phase of your tap journey feeling confident, excited and very ready.

Brace yourself…


All up, there are more than 40 videos in the course.


FORTY?! Didn’t the first two courses have, like, 4 videos?


That’s correct. But we’ve made some changes to how we deliver courses, for the better. In fact, it’s so much better that we’re now in the process of creating new versions of course 1 and 2.


Do also keep in mind that many of the videos are smaller, designed to be consumed in bites. The videos in Intermediate to Advanced range from 3 – 60 minutes long. Again, it’s likely that not all videos will apply to all students. You’ll have likely learned at least some of the included technique and principles before (but if not, it’s all there for you!).

Currently, we’re not able to offer downloads of the course content. We realize that the first two courses have included video downloads in the past, but with this hefty course offering there are several copyright and music-licensing restrictions that we’re ultimately limited by.


But good news, the alternative is better.

We’ve significantly leveled-up our video viewing platform, with the in-built ability to speed-up, slow-down, change video quality, and skip easily to different chapter points across each video. You’ll also be able to easily keep track as to what lessons have been completed, and your overall progress throughout the course.

The course has been created with adults (of any age) in mind, but is 100% appropriate for children.

For all students who register as part of this launch, you’ll also receive ongoing access to the following bonuses:



  • The holiday-themed Tap class I shared at the end of 2022, ‘Let it Snow!’ ❄️
  • 4 x special behind-the-scenes videos that I filmed during the creation of the course, explaining the voice recording, filming and editing processes.
  • ‘The most important thing for any Tap dancer’s progress’ – Livestream replay video, available within the course platform.
  • Practice Habit Builder – Downloadable PDF.


In everything we do in Taptopia, we strive to keep things clean, simple and flowing. That said, we understand it can be daunting starting something new.


Rest assured, we’re here to help, and will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up, accessing and using the course materials.

Absolutely. We offer a 60 day money-back-guarantee on all courses. If you find that the course isn’t for you, drop us an email and we’ll refund your payment

Reach out to us.


The last thing we want is for people to miss out on something special because of a purchase price.


We’re glad to allocate spots as scholarships to gift to the global tap community. We also have pay-what you-can, ‘pay it forward’ options or payment plans available.


If you’re interested in finding out more about these, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

What others are saying

"The video format is perfect for me. If followed correctly, there is really no opportunity to get lost or make technical mistakes."
- GLEN, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

“The overall production quality is perfect, as is the clarity of the content. I felt I was 100% guided.”
- ALLESANDRA, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

“The Just TAP courses are awesome! They're teaching me so much. Thank you for putting a great product out there.”
- COURTNEY, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

"I continue to be thrilled with all these new discoveries I am making in my tap abilities, and the way Bill teaches it all makes it totally achievable.”
- RYAN, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)

"I could not have found a better tap video tutorial. The commentary and tips are brilliant.”
- DALE, Just TAP Student (Course 1 & 2)


Words About Bill

"Bill Simpson is an excellent tap mentor - having taken many classes with Bill, I highly recommend everyone to try them out. Not only does he share his amazing footwork, he brings the whole body experience to a class to ensure you leave as a better dancer internally, externally and from head to toe. From the care of his students to his diverse range of musicality and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to any class experience."

- Ella Lehaf, Producer of Australian Tap Dance Festival


"As a tap dancer of 30 years I have come across a huge range of artists in my time. Upon meeting Bill Simpson I was blown away by his uniqueness. His class environment is so warm and welcoming to any age or ability of tap. One thing I particularly love about his classes is that he helps you forget what is going on in your outside world. To be able to hold the attention of the class for that long requires a very special skill, which Bill is gifted with. Along with possessing an amazing style, his creativity, musicality and choreographic range is next to none."

- Shannon Zammit, Student


"Besides being an award-winning tap dancer, theatrical tour de force, and master technician (which he is), Bill Simpson is a generous educator and clear communicator, bringing dynamic freshness to classic styles with respect to the roots of the craft. All while nurturing what I consider to be the most important ingredient - the joy of dance."

- Eden Read, Tap Dance Educator

We recognize the many nations and cultures that shape and contribute to the art of tap dance, but acknowledge tap as an African-American art-form at its roots, which directly influenced the dancers of the ‘golden era’ of Hollywood, in-turn popularizing tap dance across the world.

We also acknowledge the First Nations Peoples of Australia - the traditional owners of the land on which we join you from - and pay respects to their elders, past and present.


We hope to welcome you inside.

Still have questions? Contact us here.