The tools, guideance & support to fast-forward your journey into Tap Dance.

The tools, guidance & support to fast-forward your tap DANCE journey.

We begin with the best of intentions: to learn an exciting new skill, to level-up our existing skills, or to accomplish something meaningful (and fun).

We set forth feeling inspired, excited, and ready to dive into life-altering learning content that will add a new happiness to our lives.

But then life gets busy. One day off turns into two, and then three. Soon it’s been a month and you know you should start over… but life gets in the way and you move on. “Maybe next time,” you tell yourself.

Sound familiar?

Introducing Taptopia's ALL-ACCESS PASS, our groundbreaking approach to online Tap learning that combines the power of community with innovative online courses + ongoing learning material.

With this exclusive membership, you'll unlock a treasure trove of high-quality Tap learning content and a supportive global community of friends, available to you anytime, anywhere in the world.


Pass holders receive:

Access our entire collection of video courses + ongoing video lessons + exclusive bonus content + the Taptopia Community platform.


+ exclusive bonus content
+ included access to new offerings
+ much more.

"Both a tool-kit and a Tap dancer's playground."

- Jen, Australia






The All-Access Pass is much more than a collection of courses...

It’s your invitation to join the Taptopia Community, an online gathering of Tap students, teachers, performers & enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.


A private online community platform, where you can stay accountable, share progress, ask questions, get feedback, and celebrate the joy of Tap dance alongside fellow learners across the globe.


As part of the Taptopia Community, you’ll receive access to 3 x new video classes per month (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) + a monthly community Zoom call where together we dive into all things Tap dance, and beyond.

It's a beautiful thing.

TAPTOPIA'S ALL-ACCESS PASS is currently OPEN for registrations.
For a limited time.

"Taptopia has become an integral, important part of my life. Great, versatile Tap learning material."

- Kerstin, Germany




Per Quarter


Membership Includes:

  • Access to Taptopia’s entire course catalog (including the Just TAP series, recently remastered specially for this release)

  • Access to the Taptopia Community & platform
  • Access to 3 x video classes per month (with Bill or special guest teacher), one for each level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (live via zoom or pre-recorded)

  • Access to Taptopia’s entire video class archive.

  • Access to Monthly community calls hosted by Bill

  • First access to new course offerings

  • Weekly accountability

  • Monthly challenges

  • Peer to peer messaging with other members

Lock in this price for the life of your subscription (it will never go up).

The doors to Taptopia will open to new members in:

Bummer! Our application window has closed for now. But not to worry - we'll be opening our doors again in the next few months. JOIN THE WAITLIST and we'll let you know as soon as the next intake dates are confirmed. Feel this is a mistake? Contact us at the link at the bottom of the page.

Special One-Time Launch Offer:



Wednesday February 15 - Tuesday March 28, 2023


Work with Bill Simpson, the award-winning creator of the Just TAP series, to chart your own journey through the learning content, build confidence and consistency, while receiving personalized guidance and feedback and the support and accountability of a cohort of fellow students across the world.



One-Time Payment


~ Scholarships, payment plans & assistance available ~



"You won't get speed if you don't have technique, and Bill's courses provide the foundations of technique brilliantly."

- Phil, UK


Bill Simpson

CEO & Janitor

I first discovered tap dance at age 16, I've been making noise with my feet ever since.

For more than 20 years, I've made a career as tap dance performer, choreographer and educator.

I love sharing tap dance with others, and a few years back, I created a series of video courses to help people across the world learn tap dance, and to date, more than 4000 students have enrolled in the Just TAP series.

I love photography, writing, coffee, music, movies, dogs and pretty much everything else.

...but I have yet to find an activity more enjoyable or satisfying to the body and/or the mind than the beautiful art of tap dance.

Tiarna Leigh

Co-Founder & Community Manager

Hi! I'm Tiarna. I began tap dancing at age 2 (along with many other forms of dance), and basically haven’t stopped.

I graduated from ED5 International (under the direction of William Forsythe) with a Diploma in Musical Theatre (my favorite style of dance, alongside tap).

I’ve spent many years performing and teaching. I'm currently enjoying choreographing my own work, with Bob Fosse and Ann Reinking being my biggest creative influences.

Outside of dance my many loves include, yoga, dogs, coffee and being a life-long Taylor Swift fan (AKA, 'Swiftie').


You will have access to the courses for as long as you are a paid subscriber. If you end your All-Access Pass membership, you will no longer have access to the courses. If you purchased any courses before becoming a member, you will retain access to that course.

There are no discounts if you already own one, or even all of our courses. You will continue to own those courses you have already purchased.

You don’t need to pay anything extra! The All-Access Pass is now included in your Taptopia membership 💪🏻

We work hard to deliver for our members, and it’s important to us that you find bucket-loads of value from our offering; the last thing we want to do is keep you in something that no longer fits.

That said, we are unable to offer refunds or transfers on the ‘All-Access Pass’. Likewise, we are unable to pause membership access. Please be sure you’d like to join before you purchase.

Note: We send a reminder email one week prior to upcoming payments to ensure you’re still happy to continue in Taptopia.

You can cancel your Taptopia membership at any time. If you cancel in the middle of a payment cycle, you’ll still have access until the end of that cycle.

There’s a lot to explore within Taptopia and in order to get the full experience, we feel it’s important to commit for a minimum of 3 months.

…and when we’ve offered monthly payments in the past, we’ve found that almost everyone chooses the quarterly option anyway.

No, we are unable to exchange individual course purchases for All Access Pass membership or vice versa.

The All Access Pass offers so much more than just video courses…

The biggest value is the community-powered learning, support and accountability that happens every day in Taptopia. The platform also features a significantly leveled-up learning experience, including clear course pathways, detailed video chapter points, speed controls + swag of bonus content not available anywhere else.

And of course, our ongoing video class content will ensure you have a clear pathway beyond the completion of the course (this was one of the biggest concerns with students who’ve taken our courses in the past).

While many of members find value in Taptopia because they simply don’t have access to quality Tap classes in their area, many more use Taptopia to enhance their existing Tap journey, finding a balance between their in-person and online classes (let’s be honest, there are benefits for each).


We love both! And encourage all our members to attend in-person Tap classes if they can. But we’ve gotten really good at video classes these last few years, and they come with a few very nifty features: chapter points, speed controls, closed captions…oh, and the pause button is definitely helpful as well.

Yes. New courses will be added to All-Access Pass before being sold as individual courses. Ongoing will be continuously added exclusively to All-Access Pass each month, growing our workshop catalog to enhance all our course curriculum (and more).

We welcome all adults over 18. From time to time, we do come across mature, driven younger tap dancers who’d very much like to be involved. If this is you, reach out to us here and we’ll let you know if Taptopia is a fit.

Expectation isn’t a word we’re fond of at Taptopia…


That said, Taptopia is a community, and an important, valuable part of our offering. In our experience, shared is better, and we encourage our members to embrace the full experience. We think you’ll love it.


But, Taptopia is offered with zero expectation or pressure.


Every member naturally has a different experience with Taptopia. Some choose to engage with the community – daily, weekly or monthly – while others prefer to simply focus on personal improvement and attending/viewing classes. In the end, if it works for you, then it works for us.


In everything we do in Taptopia, we strive to keep things clean, simple and flowing. That said, we understand it can be daunting starting something new.

Rest assured, we’re here to help, and will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up, accessing and using the community and course materials.

We do have allocated spots as scholarships to gift to the global Tap community.


If you’re interested in finding out more about these, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

What others are saying

"The video format is perfect for me. If followed correctly, there is really no opportunity to get lost or make technical mistakes."
- GLEN, Just TAP (Course 1 & 2)

“The overall production quality is perfect, as is the clarity of the content. I felt I was 100% guided.”
- ALLESANDRA, Just TAP (Course 1 & 2)

“The Just TAP courses are awesome! They're teaching me so much. Thank you for putting a great product out there.”
- COURTNEY, Just TAP (Course 1 & 2)

"I continue to be thrilled with all these new discoveries I am making in my tap abilities, and the way Bill teaches it all makes it totally achievable.”
- RYAN, Just TAP (Course 1 & 2)

"I could not have found a better tap video tutorial. The commentary and tips are brilliant.”
- DALE, Just TAP (Course 1 & 2)

"Truly some of the most thorough, well-crafted, encouraging, and supportive tutorials for any discipline I've come across. Well beyond worth it (with material that will both keep you busy, and inspire your feet to be tapping for years to come)!”
- DANIEL, Just TAP (Course 3)

I'm a massive fan, this has been worth every penny, and I am thankful for being introduced to this fantastic form of dance."
- MARCUS, Just TAP (Course 3)

"The 6-Week Tap Bootcamp was a blast. Superb teaching, plenty of challenges, and loads of fun. I recommend it to anyone."
- SIGRID, 6 Week Tap Bootcamp

"What an amazing experience! I am so thankful for the opportunity to take the 6-week Tap Bootcamp. It has put me on my personal path of loving tap and I'm forever grateful!"
- ROBIN, 6 Week Tap Bootcamp

"I've been impressed, challenged, overwhelmed and deeply inspired by the 6-Week Tap Bootcamp and have really enjoyed being part of such a beautiful, life-changing experience!"
- JANINA, 6 Week Tap Bootcamp



"Bill Simpson is an excellent tap mentor - having taken many classes with Bill, I highly recommend everyone to try them out. Not only does he share his amazing footwork, he brings the whole body experience to a class to ensure you leave as a better dancer internally, externally and from head to toe. From the care of his students to his diverse range of musicality and experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to any class experience."

- Ella Lehaf, Producer of Australian Tap Dance Festival


"As a tap dancer of 30 years I have come across a huge range of artists in my time. Upon meeting Bill Simpson I was blown away by his uniqueness. His class environment is so warm and welcoming to any age or ability of tap. One thing I particularly love about his classes is that he helps you forget what is going on in your outside world. To be able to hold the attention of the class for that long requires a very special skill, which Bill is gifted with. Along with possessing an amazing style, his creativity, musicality and choreographic range is next to none."

- Shannon Zammit, Student


"Besides being an award-winning tap dancer, theatrical tour de force, and master technician (which he is), Bill Simpson is a generous educator and clear communicator, bringing dynamic freshness to classic styles with respect to the roots of the craft. All while nurturing what I consider to be the most important ingredient - the joy of dance."

- Eden Read, Tap Dance Educator

We recognize the many nations and cultures that shape and contribute to the art of tap dance, but acknowledge tap as an African-American art-form at its roots, which directly influenced the dancers of the ‘golden era’ of Hollywood, in-turn popularizing tap dance across the world.

We also acknowledge the First Nations Peoples of Australia - the traditional owners of the land on which we join you from - and pay respects to their elders, past and present.


We hope to welcome you inside.

Still have questions? Contact us here.